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No god except Allah is Mohammad the God's Messenger


The In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful


The addition date : 21/10/2003

He delayed the news of Alhagana organization ( Haganah ) The unsuccessful : it appears that these are the owners of the petrified minds May Allah honor you that did not learn the lesson ... They are still repeating a saying that the rule is she behind this work !!! Then they do not believe or will not believe that who two of the Muslims carried out this work only ... And we like the saying we will not stop your pursuit until you stop these foolish works O who calls do she believe that the acts of sabotage meeting softened who dedicates ? for it ... Anyway we know that the company hosting the evil of its dismissal has dismissed you ... And we know that you aimed the company adding to you in the past and inserted it into your black list ... And she became one of your goals ... What is this malice that fills your heart ? he believed that the company and who free possess in a Qrarthm ... Also you do ... Then you classify the good sites and the sites the not its good according to your incapable perspective in a strange way and a comic ...Do you free and we no .
And through my scanning of their targeting that does not be free of the stupidity she discovered that all terrorist sites as claim ... All is Islamic !!! ( and Allah is your matter a strange ) .We know that your silly site reverted to the work He has reverted to the work ... And we will not be exposed to it at the present time to reasons that will mention it for you in the context of our talk ...

Became clear for us today that Alhagana group searches for financiers to their silly works and for the standing and the facing to us ....But O Aaron The problem is not in the availability of the money ... But in the availability of the brilliant minds O a petrified is !! ... And an Alhagana have moved for the work for free sites ( our example ) and they threaten with hitting new Islamic site ...And as we think the fool Aaron They are the reason in the destruction of its site ...And the Islamic awakening site chasm ( ) .Where that the members in the forum spoke about the attack on Alhagana site and its destruction and they happy also with this work ( a persistence Oh Allah ! ) and also she found a group of the members may God protect you that may be kind its receipt to our humble site and it appears that it is observant of our moves and our works He watched the article here .And he did not care Aaron What are books here (  ) in this site ... This is a proof on an Ashwaethm and the solidification of Alhagana minds ...And with your ability the assurance through this connection ( 1-The free site to Lhagana - 2-Another site is to Lhagana a free - 3-Another site is to Lhagana a free - 4-Another site is to Lhagana a free - 5 -Another site is to Lhagana a free ) ... And another is many ...

And the reason is that Alakhoan in the awakening forum has mentioned spontaneously that the base was behind the operation ... In other words they gave the sufficient Alathriah therefore the petrified for their targeting ... And unfortunately I resent very at the repetition of some brotherhood what the organization of the petrified Alhagana says that the rule behind these works ... Then they believe that each Muslim is the rule ... And any its works are an answer to their foolish works ... She is from the Al-Qaeda ... The Al-Qaeda ... The Al-Qaeda .... The Al-Qaeda is !!!!!!!! ... A pain you become weary of the repetition of this saying ( I am about myself frankness Tfsht ) . And I remember a time ago that read about an earthquake that hit Algeria and for it the capital Algeria shook and led to a disaster may God protect you from it and any you and led to the killing of many of the people and the destruction of many of the houses ... And on the effect of this I hurried one of the foreign newspapers with the accusation of the base are that it is the subject !!! ... The glory be to of great Allah and no around and no you protect it except by Allah .

To the brothers in the awakening site ( ) : you do not panic from the owners of the petrified minds then we are on more perfect readiness for an interaction with them by the suitable form the state of their execution for the attacks its new is on your high site ... I hope from the Islamic awakening site administration our supply with the information that the attack occurence state accompanies .... Through our correspondent on the clear electronic mail by the below .

We warn you O Alhagana member of an organizations ( Haganah ) : we intended your leaving all this period until you restore your breaths is the dimension of this hitting ... And we know that your site reverted to the work and was not exposed to it to a limit now . then our first hitting was not only a warning of you in case your harms to the Muslims sites ... And we did not need from our possibilities except ( 4 % ) then we are not with the need to more than this in the interaction with you ... And being informed of you : they stopped these foolish works ... And we by our role will stop your pursuit .And the in case of your harms by the site of our brothers ( the awakening -  ) . Split by the great Allah ... He will not remain for you in this hypothetical world any servant ( Sirfr ) or a site or surfaces to and pull down it a destruction ... ( become a Moslem she escapes ) . We know that you search for the money and the support from a people ( needy ) that believes the trivialities that utter it . But I say to all ( they preserved your moneys and do not call these petrified that they delude you that they can the standing and the facing to us through the material support and the techniques that will be available in case the availability of the money then they so that he settles experts in this field ... And as I like the saying and confidently ... No and will not can our stopping and the facing to us except Allah Glory be to Him ... ) . And he believed what happened to Israel network rumbled a sufficient confirmation pile on our abilities ... A pain she breaks down a contacting Liyomin .

For an amusement only : our collection of you is a number of the sites and the magazines that spoke about the scandal of the resonant Alhagana and their failure in the facing to us and a protection themselves ...I wish for you a happy time : )

And this the company site hosting Alhagana site she speaks about what he injured from harms and its seeking help with the experts from companies a growth ... And they are now in its state a mobilization ...

To the brotherhood and the brothers : I hope from all our Muslim brothers to all who reads our bulletins by that our humble site and the target from it spread showing the events as fell ... Then who knows ... Your site may be the Muslim a brother he next !! Then these aim each Muslim . And Allah rewarded you each good . Your brothers in Allah : ( Siaf Alghamdi - Alghamdi cannon ) .


The addition date : 20/10/2003

My brothers .. I like that display for you the details of its works are the hindrance of its organizer 's Servers the Zionism Alhagana ...And Hagana talked to it ( Haganah ) she cares about the Hebrew ( the defence ) and as said we in the past their organization aims the Islamic sites .

The details : in the evening a day of 16/10/2003 We started the attack on the next address : . And within a less from a hour the murder of it took place in a complete way ... And we have stopped to its informant the extent of damage that was injured by it and also ...It became clear that they have Sirfr for us that does under this an address : . Oh that it is the organization that possesses a branch in America in and Lahe New Jersey . And they have recognized that Alsirfr the present the first in New Jersey have received its hitting its strong very and Kano they plan for the transfer of all their works on the other Alsirfr ... In addition to this all they have sought help from all their experiences the company Wkhbarat hosting their sites for the resistance of our next attack ... Then they know that we will not leave them ... And actually ...We started in the attack next day morning 17/10/2003 And frankly speaking Kano is ready a Llhgmtna by all what possess who protect it ... And our attack lasted for about 6 hours continuously ... After that they lost the control totally and the hindrance of their second site took place thank God a glory be to ... The huge company that sought help from it for the resistance of our attack ... She apologized from the organization members for their withdrawal from the offering of its servants the hosting of them because of the severe pressing that caused it for them ... And up till now they search on the one(s) who its servants preface them the services . The comic in the matter is that the attack was attributed to Al Qaeda Network !! . ( any rule and any Waqfh ) . I congratulate you on the petrified minds no Allah deprived you of it ... Oh Allah Amin ...

Informing of all of the brothers : in case its lute is Hagana site for the work ... I hope our notification only and this is from through the enclosed post below the surface .

More about the operation is an Alhagana I press here


New operations ( Islamic ) : 19/10/2003

Peace be upon you and may god rest his soul ... A victim is a very silly site by what he contains from lies and fables and a distortion of the Islam this site names in the name of ( Islamic ) .

And he carries the addresses the next :



What he is their goal : this silly site aims to an Alastiad in the turbid water and the falsehood heart a right and the right falsehood ... And all its citing and the proofs from methods and deviant groups and attributes it to the Islam and the Islam innocent from it and from them .


Why the failure of the site : we found in the site the matters of its a lot from it the mocking at the God's Messenger and the Master of all creatures Mohammed May Allah's blessings and peace be upon him . And also from the matters that amused me a lot a lot about their mention that the Koran is distorted and that the mixing from it the copy of its different is found ... But when she watched the Koran forms that cited it and the verses who read another then I did not find a distortion ... All what found us he is the difference of the lines only ... Then what is your opinion by this petrified ? .Your governor is some of the pictures :





A note : my brothers and my brothers are in Allah .... I hope from all the sending of the sites names or the organizations that attack the Muslims sites ... And we will carry out God willing the necessary taking ...

And for our correspondent on the next more inclined :

From the invitation my brothers do not forget us ... Allah rewarded you a wealth ...

We ask Allah that he guides us to the wealth and you .... And peace be upon you and may god rest his soul and its blessings .

Your brothers in Allah :

Alghamdi cannon - Siaf Alghamdi .